3 mins ago

    Spring budget: Hunt urged to forgive nurse student loans

    6 hours ago

    ‘Enhanced level’ nurses latest to be added to ARRS

    18 hours ago

    What Are Nursing School Prerequisites & How to Earn Them

    18 hours ago

    Nurse-led scheme helping refugees gain NMC registration

    19 hours ago

    The Pulse of Progress: Celebrating Telemetry Nursing Tuesday

    1 day ago

    ICU nurse leading national rehabilitation campaign

    1 day ago

    Nurses Aim to Decrease Gaps in Black Maternal Health

    Nursing Tips

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      What If I Experience Racism as a Nursing Student?

      Do nursing students experience racism? Before we answer that question, let’s bring it back and explore the term racism itself.…
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      A Guide for Professionals Transitioning Into the World of Nursing

      A career transition into nursing is a journey marked by challenges and rewards. Professionals from diverse backgrounds often find themselves…
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      Imposter Syndrome: Why You Feel Like A Fraud & How To Fight It

      You may have come across the term ‘imposter syndrome’ at one stage or another. Perhaps a friend exaggerated their lack…
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      Mastering Medical Terminology: Effective Learning Techniques for Nurses

      Let’s face it: medical degrees are tough, and medical terminology can be even tougher. The days of learning Latin or…
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      7 Effective Strategies for Nurses to Excel in Psychiatric and Mental Healthcare

      The world of psychiatric and mental healthcare is a delicate dance between science, empathy, and unwavering resilience. Nurses in mental…
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      Breaking Stereotypes: How New Nurses Can Step Into Leadership Positions

      In the past, nurses were seen as quietly serving, like hardworking angels in clean hallways. Their voices provided comfort in…
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