20 Ink Designs for Nurse Tattoos

Tattoos are more than just tattoos.

For some people, tattoos symbolize important life events, self-expression, and artistic freedom. For others, they can represent beliefs. In most cases, however, people get tattoos just for the sake of getting them.

Unfortunately, for nurses, getting tattoos isn’t that easy. Apart from the wrong impression tattoos create, they can also hinder a nurse’s chances of getting hired.

But, wait! Before you actually reject the idea, make sure you check with your hospital policy first.

You see, although there’s no strict rule on nurses wearing tattoos, institutions implement different policies. Some institutions implement a very strict dress code and don’t allow tattoos of any kind or size. There are institutions that can accept and allow nurses to get tattoos but they will be required to cover them up.

Here are some good reasons why:

To avoid offending co-workers and patients

Tattoos that have political, religious and sexual connotations can offend other people. Even tattoos that don’t have any offensive meaning can throw off other people.

To promote professionalism

Nurses are required to maintain a professional image all the time. Anything that can alter that image can be restricted in the workplace. This includes not just tattoos, but piercings and certain clothing, too.

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Take note that having tattoos doesn’t mean you are unprofessional. This article, for example, shares some studies that reveal how patients are unaffected by body art.

To encourage equality

Small tattoos, particularly when placed on the right areas, won’t be that noticeable. This is why most employers are willing to accept nurses with these tattoos. Unfortunately, this can cause an issue with fairness as nurses with larger tattoos may need to use cover-ups with those with smaller ones can have exposed tattoos.

Now that we got those things out of the way, here are some great tattoos for nurses you can draw inspiration from.

1A simple tattoo of the symbolic Caduceus

2A tattoo merging a variation of the Caduceus symbol and a stethoscope

3Looking for something cool?

4A lifetime commitment

5Everyday is a beautiful day

6A heartbeat for life

7A small tattoo with a deep meaning

9The kind of stethoscope that can last you for a while

10Proud to be a nurse

11For friends and colleagues

12Not always black and white

13Nursing symbols

14The nursing cap

15When nursing is in your heart

16A cute nurse owl

17…because not all heroes wear capes.

18A stylish tattoo of a nurse with roses

19A colorful image of a gypsy nurse

20An old school nurse tattoo

Which of these tattoos for nurses did you find interesting? See more nurse tattoos from other websites on the Internet.

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