5 Healthcare Administration Blogs You Should Be Following

Reading lengthy scholarly journals or magazine articles is no longer necessary to remain current on the newest developments and trends in the healthcare industry. Today, various credible healthcare administration blogs provide essential information, including recent developments, for leaders in the industry. Considering that healthcare administrators are in charge of everything from scheduling shifts to complying with medical and legal regulations, keeping up with the most recent advances in healthcare can help administrators carry out their duties more efficiently. 

What is the best part about reading healthcare administration blogs? It doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Some of the blogs below can be highly entertaining and a great way to hone your nursing management skills. 

So, grab your coffee or tea and take a seat or a long lunch break; below are five blogs that you may find helpful as a healthcare administrator. 

1. Healthcare Economist

As stated in its tagline, Healthcare Economist offers an Unbiased Analysis of Today’s Healthcare Issues—and we couldn’t agree more. The creator, editor, and principal writer of Healthcare Economist is Dr. Jason Shafrin. He is a Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting in the Center for Healthcare Economics and Policy, and his work has appeared in Health Economics, Health Affairs, and JAMA. Shafrin provides thoughtful insights and analysis on various topics, including healthcare policy, systems, financing, and technology. In keeping with its stellar reputation, Intelligent Economist has listed Healthcare Economist among the top 100 economics blogs online. 

2. Fierce Healthcare News & Industry Policy

Fierce Healthcare covers many topics, including policy and technology, and aims to deliver timely news and analysis to healthcare leaders and policymakers nationwide. It’s an excellent resource for directors of nursing, nurse managers, and anyone interested in healthcare administration jobs. Fierce Healthcare also offers newsletters and webinars that address healthcare’s most pressing issues, such as “Transforming Claims Data into Actionable Insights: Fresh Perspectives on Healthcare Data.” Fierce Healthcare offers deep insights into healthcare advancements and changes through carefully crafted stories, exclusive interviews, and breaking industry news. It is an essential read for any healthcare leader seeking to broaden their knowledge. 

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3. The Journal of Healthcare Leadership 

The peer-reviewed Journal of Healthcare Leadership offers practical insights and tools to enhance the skills of leadership roles in the healthcare sector. It allows leaders to publish articles that address a wide range of topics, such as practical solutions that can improve patient care. Diverse articles such as Trauma-Informed Care: A Missing Link in Addressing Burnout offer a professional analysis of today’s problematic issues in medical management. You can also discover articles that share the first-hand accounts of healthcare administrators with varying experience levels. While The Journal of Healthcare Leadership isn’t necessarily meant for a leisurely afternoon read, it is one of the best journals for current and future healthcare leaders who want to stay on the cutting edge of healthcare trends and reform. 

4. Emerging RN Leader 

Emerging RN Leader speaks for itself. This blog is devoted to aspiring and established leaders in the nursing field. The content focuses on leadership-related subjects like “Challenging Your Own Paradigms” and “Helping Staff to Navigate Their Conflicts” to help handle typical management problems that might arise in healthcare administration. The Emerging RN Leader blog also features a section on suggested books for nurse leaders. In addition, this blog offers a rich resource of workshops, webinars, and other skill-building initiatives targeted at those working in healthcare administration. 

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5. MedGadget 

These days, technology and healthcare go hand in hand by providing clinicians with sophisticated technologies that help improve patient care. MedGadget is a technology-focused blog that reports on the newest medical device approvals and advancements. MedGadget also conducts “exclusive” interviews with executives in the medical technology industry. The blog boasts a highly qualified editorial team with members from all over the world and is an excellent resource for “techy” nursing leaders. 

Best Healthcare Administration Blogs: Honorable Mentions

There are more than 600 million blogs on the Internet. While there are no precise figures on how many healthcare administration blogs are out there, selecting only a few blogs that provide reliable information on specialized subjects related to healthcare management was challenging. 

Healthcare management must remain current on news, technology, and advancements in the field to improve administrative tasks, treatment options, and patient care. Though they didn’t make our list of the top five blogs for healthcare administration, the following blogs are also excellent options: 

  • Beckers Hospital Review: This trade publication for the medical sector conducts its own research and adds U.S. News & World Report rankings and government data to its publications.
  • Catalysis Blog: A mission-driven, not-for-profit organization, the blog tackles the flaws in the current healthcare system and strives to motivate healthcare leaders to make long-lasting and sustainable changes within the healthcare sector.
  • Forbes Healthcare: This reputable blog offers a range of medically-reviewed and fact-checked articles that examine various aspects of healthcare management and pharmaceutical research, in addition to unbiased ratings for health-related products.
  • GomerBlog: Although strictly meant for medical satire and entertainment purposes, this blog gives healthcare professionals a good laugh by featuring stories such as Hospital Administrator Invents Time Travel to Eliminate 30-Day Readmission Penalty.” It’s a perfect blog for healthcare managers to do some “light” reading in between more academic texts.
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Why Is Staying Current on Healthcare Trends Important? 

Healthcare administrators, such as managers or directors of nursing, have significant decision-making authority that can affect day-to-day operations. Making such decisions can have a considerable impact on patient outcomes. Thus, keeping up with healthcare policy and other developments can help management ensure that their procedures comply with the most recent industry expectations. 

To remain effective in their field, healthcare managers can continue to educate themselves through reliable blogs on research, policy, and the latest healthcare trends. Reading blogs can assist healthcare administrators in learning about new technologies that enable faster and more accurate diagnoses and simplify administrative duties like billing, record-keeping, and nurse staffing. This time investment to stay current can help save time and money in the long run. 

What’s that saying? Ah, yes—knowledge is power. Stay up-to-date with the latest healthcare trends, including apps like Nursa, and help save your facility money by contracting per diem nurses today.

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