Can I Work PRN Jobs As a New RN

Newly graduated registered nurses (RNs) will face many challenges as they begin their careers. In fact, a new RN has many options of where they want to work once they become licensed. Among those options is the one to pick up PRN nursing jobs. Keep reading to learn more about the challenges faced by new nurses and whether or not a new RN can pick up per diem jobs.

To become registered nurses, they have had to undergo a lengthy training process to have their degree, pass their NCLEX exam, and obtain state licensure to begin working as RNs. Once they start, they will probably have doubts of different nature and be nervous about the first weeks of work. When they begin their work in a new hospital, hospitals usually give an orientation time for all new staff, and they typically have more experienced nurses as their guides. This makes the adjustment process more manageable. All the training they receive before and after becoming RNs is essential for patient safety and a high level and high quality of care. This orientation period is vital to learn all the practical things they need to have excellent nursing skills. Some skills they need are patience, communication with the patient and family, the ability to consult with the rest of the medical staff, humility, the ability to act quickly in case of emergencies and to make wise decisions quickly. Many of these skills will come from nursing experience, while others will be innate.

New registered nurses need a lot of guidance and patience, in the beginning to quickly learn everything they need to adapt to their new job and do it completely independently. Once they are independent as RNs in the hospital, many nurses will want to advance their careers little by little and earn more per hour of work. Nurses who work as PRNs (pro re nata) earn more per hour, and it is an excellent possibility to get a PRN job to make some extra money.

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All the challenges in their new careers will be worth it, as the training process prepares them to adapt to other environments. This has become very important lately, as the pandemic has left hospitals with a shortage of staff that has not been seen for a long time. Worldwide, there is an urgent need for nurses working in different hospitals, where PRN jobs, also called per diem, come in. 

Can I Work PRN Jobs as a New Nurse? 

PRN or per diem jobs are jobs that hospitals make available to nurses when hospitals need someone to cover available shifts. This makes it possible for nurses to choose the hours they want to work and also makes it possible for them to earn a higher salary. Generally, per diem nurses were required to have a minimum of one or two years of experience. Still, this situation has been reversed due to the current shortage of nurses. More nurses who can adapt quickly to new workspaces and mobilize to wherever they are required are needed. It is a very similar concept to travel nurses, but without the limitation of shifts without flexibility and the advantage of choosing the area where they work, in addition to not needing a lot of experience. So, yes, you can work per diem as a new nurse, and many nurses keep their steady job in a hospital while looking for per diem shifts to cover extra shifts. In this way, they quickly gain experience in their workspace as RNs, while at the same time protecting the needs of other hospitals and supplementing their salary.

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Can You Work Full-Time with PRN RN Jobs? 

After some time, nurses can see if they prefer to work per diem to start taking full-time shifts. The Nursa app is designed to help find shifts at hospitals requiring them; it’s straightforward and a great way to get full-time hours or more if RNs choose to do so. The advantage of doing it full-time is that they will have a more significant financial benefit. Nurses who wish to earn a higher salary will, of course, need more experience or hold special credentials in a specialty. Many specialties can be learned on the job, and it is a massive benefit to all RNs as specialties help them advance their careers and learn more about nursing.

Nursa is a PRN nurse staffing app with a wonderful team constantly working to meet the needs of nurses and healthcare staff who want to work PRN.

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