Clove’s New Max-Cushion Nursing Shoes Are Here, Win a FREE Pair!

Nurses have loved Clove sneakers since their 2019 debut. They’re cleanable, comfortable, and built specifically for healthcare.

But the Clove team also noticed nurses looking for more cushion and support, and turning to maximalist running shoes with thick, foam-stacked soles. The problem? “Those shoes were designed for running a marathon, not for working a marathon shift,” says Clove founder and CEO Joe Ammon. Wearing rocker-shaped soles for hours of standing and walking at work can actually lead to fatigue and pain – and those fabrics aren’t exactly mess-friendly. 

Enter the new Clove SuperCush™ Comfort System. “We created a new shoe style – our own version of the maximalist – because our community deserves the best in innovation,” says Ammon. teamed up with Clove to give away 5 pairs of their new SuperCush shoes to FIVE lucky winners. Hurry! This contest closes on 11/9 at 11:50pm PST. 

Clove spent more than a year researching, testing, and perfecting this high-profile, high-tech outsole that looks like your favorite running shoe but works the way you need it to. SuperCush™ is designed with an ultra-stable platform and dual-density foam that balances softness with support. 

Even better: You’ll find the new pumped-up sole on two different sneaker styles, depending which features your job demands most. 

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Shop Clove SuperCush starting at $160

The Clove Forte offers unrivaled cleanability, with the same Clarino microfiber and fluid-resistant laces as Clove’s original Classic sneaker. It’s finished with SuperCush™ and smart updates from heel to toe. 

And the Clove Alto, new from the ground up, is optimized for breathability with a sporty ripstop upper and elastic laces in addition to its SuperCush(tm) base.

Explore both new SuperCush™ styles, Clove Forte  and Clove Alto, and take your next shift to the next level. 

Shop Clove SuperCush starting at $160


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