How can politicians protect the future of the NHS?

Nursing Times is launching its next appeal for participation from nursing staff and students in building an election manifesto by nurses.

Our next topic is the future of the NHS and what politicians can do to protect it going forward, which we will be focusing on during December.

Your responses on that topic will form part of our nursing manifesto that we plan to deliver to the main political parties seeking to become the next government in the upcoming general election.

Logo for the Nursing Times A Manifesto by Nurses campaign A Manifesto by Nurses will comprise solutions, from nurses on the ground, to some of the biggest issues in nursing specifically, and in health and social care more generally.

The first chapter of the manifesto, which was created over November, was about the workforce shortages facing the sectors.

This time, we are shining a light on the overall NHS as an organisation.

The general election, expected to be called some point in 2024, will come at a time when the NHS is facing major challenges that some nurses have described as existential threats.

The health service celebrated its 75th anniversary earlier this year, having come into being on 5 July 1948.

However, a survey conducted by Nursing Times in June found that 63% of the almost 600 respondents did not think that the NHS would still exist in another 25 years.

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However, 94% said that the health service deserved to be protected.

For this latest chapter of the manifesto, we want to hear your thoughts on what the next government can do to keep the NHS alive and stable.

Your submission could touch on solutions to addressing the high patient backlog, funding or care models, meeting the needs of an ageing population, or any other challenges facing the NHS.

Alternatively, send your send your ideas in no more than 300 words to, along with your full name, job role, location and a high-resolution picture of yourself. Please note that, by doing so, you are agreeing to be potentially named, quoted and pictured in Nursing Times, both online and in our print publications.

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