How To Make Money From Your Nursing Blog

Nurses looking for side jobs isn’t new. In fact, it’s a growing trend, particularly with more and more nurses receiving a low salary, not getting a raise, and experiencing little opportunity for professional growth.

If you are thinking of finding a side job of your own, starting a nursing blog makes a great option. It’s easy to squeeze into your busy schedule and it offers great monetary benefits.

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But how exactly can you make money from your nursing blog?

Here are some of the best ways.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

pay per click ads
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This is pretty simple. You get paid each time a reader clicks on one of the ads on your site.

To get started earning with these ads, you’ll need to sign up with a provider. One of your best options and the most commonly used these days is Google Adsense.

Take note that you’ll only be able to earn a huge amount with PPC if you already have a high traffic to your site. One good reason is that only a small chunk of your site’s visitors will actually click on your ads.

Apart from traffic, you should also consider where you’ll put the ads. Be sure that the spots you choose aren’t annoying for your readers and that they won’t get in the way of your posts.

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Another consideration you need to make is the amount of content you have on your blog. It needs to be populated enough to increase your chances of getting accepted into the AdSense program.

Pre-requisite to earn: High traffic

Sell Space On Your Blog

If signing up with a provider sounds like a lot of work for you, then try selling a space on your blog. With this, you can directly charge your client and discuss the amount of time you’ll be advertising for them.

Now, here’s the thing.

Although there’s the convenience of not having to sign up for anything, you’ll still need to do some work and that is to reach out to the advertiser.

Pre-requisite to earn: Your blog needs to have good rankings to be attractive to advertisers.

Promote Physical Products

Nurses, particularly those who are new to the profession, would like to know the best products that can make their jobs a lot easier, more convenient, and safer. There are nurses who are looking for ways to make things more fun at the hospital, too. This is why reviewing physical products works like a charm for nurse bloggers.

For this, you can try applying as an Amazon Associate. Amazon has a comprehensive affiliate program that lets its members earn by recommending or referring products on their platform. When you refer traffic to their site and your readers make a purchase, you earn a commission from that sale.

As a nurse, you can share genuine reviews of nursing clothing, stethoscopes, books, and other products that you either use on a daily basis or can buy for the purpose of making an honest review. Being a real nurse who is currently practicing definitely gives you an edge if you ever start a blog.

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medical bags for nurses

Pre-requisite to earn: You need content that ranks high in Google searches. 

Charge for valuable content

While posting free content on your blog can boost your traffic, you have to know when to draw the line and charge for what you write.

For example, you can sort your contents and allow only the paying readers to have access to your site’s most valuable content. You can also release newsletters, infographics, and guides to anyone willing to pay for them. You can even create and sell your own e-book online.

There’s just one warning.

Make sure that you’ll be able to deliver what you promise. If you promote a highly valuable content, ensure that it’s not something most nurses already know.

Pre-requisite to earn: You need to establish yourself as an expert in order to create demand.

Accept Sponsored Posts

sponsored post

Once you’re able to establish authority in your niche, there’s a good chance that there’ll be people and businesses reaching out to you to have their posts published on your site. This is a great opportunity for you to generate cash and make sure that you’ll have new posts on your site.

To ensure the quality of content on your site, you need to have editorial control. Have a set of criteria you can use for approving and rejecting articles and don’t be afraid to say no when a content doesn’t match your views and opinions as a nurse.

Pre-requisite to earn: Once your site starts to rank high, you should get inquiries for paid posts.

In Conclusion

Starting a nursing blog is one of the best ways to generate some cash these days. You can do it while keeping your nursing job and taking care of your patients.

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However, as with any job, it requires time and a lot of effort. You can’t expect to start a blog today and then begin earning next month. It takes several months to a year to build your blog (and your reputation) up.

You have to create really valuable content that will attract readers. You need to establish credibility and authority in the niche if you want to stand out from other nursing blogs.

The best unsolicited advice we can give at Nursebuff might be that you have to find your voice as a blogger and engage with your audience. You can use your blog to share your trials and tribulations, your successes, your musings, your humor, and so forth. It might even turn out to be helpful for your mental health. When your audience find your voice and love your stories, you will surely build a loyal following.

Those things can sound like a lot of work but if you really love what you’re doing, you won’t have a hard time later monetizing your nursing blog.

So, are you ready to get started?

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