Mental health nurse to run for London mayor

A nurse who is attempting to sue the NHS for anti-White racism will be running as a candidate in the upcoming London mayoral election.

Amy Gallagher, a registered mental health nurse from South West London, has been announced as the Social Democratic Party (SDP) candidate in the 2024 race.

Ms Gallagher said that she decided to run for mayor of London as the SDP candidate because the city “means so much” to her.

“Working as a nurse in hospitals and in the community, I’ve seen how the city has changed,” she added.

“Poor living conditions, lack of community, division, increases in crime, unreliable public transport: many people feel like politicians have let them down and they never get the change they were promised.”

She added: “The SDP actually want to solve problems rather than scoring political points. More and more people are noticing this.

“I am so pleased to be representing a party that is giving people hope for a new kind of politics. I think this is so vital.”

The SDP candidate for mayor of London who ran in 2021, Steve Kelleher, received 0.3% of the vote.

“Many people feel like politicians have let them down”

Amy Gallagher

Ms Gallagher previously came to media attention in 2022 after deciding to take legal action against the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust for using critical race theory in education.

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She has accused the trust of discrimination on the basis of race, religion and philosophical belief as well as victimisation and harassment, based on her experiences while studying psychotherapy there.

In 2022, Ms Gallagher told the Telegraph newspaper the NHS was “forcing racist ideology” on students and that “it needs to be stopped”.

She has since launched a StanduptoWoke campaign aiming to stop critical race theory being taught as fact in education.

Including Ms Gallagher and current mayor of London Sadiq Khan, who is running for a third term in office, 12 candidates have currently declared that they will be running for election when the London mayoral election is held on 2 May 2024.

These include Conservative candidate Susan Hall who is a London Assembly member and former council leader, the Liberal Democrat candidate Rob Blackie who is an anti-Brexit campaigner, and Hackney councillor Zoe Garbett who is the Green Party candidate in this year’s mayoral race.

George Galloway, former Labour MP and current leader of the Workers Party of Britain is also running, and Howard Cox will run as the candidate for Reform UK – formerly the Brexit Party.

Five independent candidates have also been announced as running for London mayor in 2024. These are businessperson Natalie Campbell, health and fitness entrepreneur Andreas Michli, investment banker Tarun Ghulati, policy advisor Rayhan Haque and finance broker Shyam Batra.

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