New Nurse Suffered Cardiac Arrest During Cardiac Training At Work, Saved By Coworkers

Andy Hoang, 23,  recently began her first job as a nurse at a New Hampshire hospital, planning to specialize in cardiac care. However, during a training on how to respond to cardiac arrest emergencies, the 23-year-old nurse experienced cardiac arrest herself. Hoang’s colleagues sprung into action to save one of their own.

According to witnesses, Hoang started feeling lightheaded and nauseous in the middle of the training. Within minutes, she lost consciousness and collapsed. Her heart had stopped beating. Fortunately, the other nurses in the room knew exactly what to do. They began CPR immediately and used a defibrillator to shock Hoang’s heart back into a normal rhythm.

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Hoang was quickly transported to the emergency room, where her condition stabilized. Although the experience was traumatic, Hoang made a full recovery. She says that she is a “pretty average healthy 23-year-old,” with no history of known family history of cardiac problems.

While terrifying, the ordeal gave Hoang first-hand insight into what patients experience during a medical emergency. Hoang acknowledged that the experience brought her even closer to her fellow nurses, who saved her life, “We basically went through this whole life-or-death experience,” she said.

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