Nursa Insights with CEO and Founder Curtis Anderson

I learned to love work. The value of making the world a little bit better…” These words by Curtis Anderson from a recent episode of the Dealmakers podcast underscore Nursa’s CEO and Founder’s personal values, which he traces back to his formative years growing up in a small town in Idaho. 

Born to an entrepreneurial father and teacher mother, Anderson says he was curious and driven to understand the world around him and reminisces that via his father’s old HP 86, he recognized that technology could be a key to improving functionality and effectiveness: a realization that decades later has helped streamline nursing care through Nursa’s exponential growth and success.

Nursa’s Beginnings

In the interview, Anderson references his core values and his “aim to solve a problem that has material impact.” He looked at a nurse staffing agency and saw missed opportunities (sales incentives for big contracts over single shift contracts) and multiple layers preventing transparency. He saw the opportunity to automate, remove intermediaries, and solve problems with data-driven technology. Therefore, in 2020, Nursa was born.

Under Curtis’s vision, Nursa has reduced the expensive and confusing layers of intermediaries between nurses and nursing assistants who want to work and the hospitals and other healthcare facilities that need them. Nursa’s mission to place a nurse at the bedside of every patient in need relies on data, technology, communication, flexibility, and the dedication of nurses and nursing assistants everywhere who serve their communities in every shift they work. 

What Will Nursa Look Like in the Future?

We do work today, and in a real-time capacity, someone receives better care tomorrow because we existed to help be the digital switchboard that drives those connections,” replies Anderson when asked what it would look like for his vision of Nursa to be fully realized. He believes that Nursa’s position connecting and communicating with both sides of the labor market creates a foundation upon which to build better healthcare delivery logistics and a better operational understanding of healthcare. 

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According to Anderson, “Nursa sits at what I believe can be the crux of a better model of care in the future.” Nursa provides for nurses and nursing assistants not only by making connections for those who want to work but also by creating opportunities to engage with work in a flexible way that is best for them. 

Insights and Advice from Curtis Anderson

While the podcast’s target audience is undeniably entrepreneurs and business leaders, Anderson’s interview revealed valuable insights and interesting and practical advice applicable to anyone: Advice such as, “We’re all writing our own story and the note is that if you don’t like where this chapter ends, then you just don’t stop writing. You just, you’ve got to move forward and keep trying something else.” 

Learn more about Curtis Anderson and how Nursa is streamlining nursing care by reading the full article or listening to the Dealmakers podcast episode.

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