Nurse Made $20K in 1 Week Working At Chicago Migrant Shelter, Invoice Shows

The City of Chicago has paid over $56 million to Favorite Healthcare Staffing to provide healthcare services for more than 13,000 migrants who have arrived in Chicago over the past year, according to records obtained by NBC 5 Investigations. According to an invoice obtained by the news station, one nurse was paid $20,000 for one week of work at the migrant shelter.  

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Funds Allocation

The city denied NBC 5 Investigations’ request for additional records showing specifically how the $56 million in funds were allocated for migrant healthcare. Several aldermen are calling for more transparency regarding how these taxpayer funds are being spent. 

‘To see invoices like that are disgusting. They are outrageous and they are cause for an immediate investigation,’ Aldermen Raymond Lopez told NBC. 

Cost of Temporary Healthcare Staffing

According to the invoices obtained by NBC 5, Favorite Healthcare Staffing charges $135 per hour for temporary nurses who work at migrant shelters. The total costs for migrant care and related services are escalating quickly according to reports. At this rate, Chicago taxpayers could end up paying well over $100 million per year for migrant healthcare and other costs. Some critics argue this funding should instead be spent on healthcare services for legal residents and homeless individuals.

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