Nurse Who Lives in Car Turned Tiny Home Hates Paying Rent, Loves Saving Money

Registered nurse Arslan Shono was frustrated with the increasing cost of rent, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. Shono currently lives in his 2014 Chevy Suburban that he converted into a compact mobile dwelling, complete with a bed, portable toilet, kitchenette and solar panels on the roof. According to his YouTube channel and Instagram account, this is not his first time converting a vehicle into a living space – Shono has also lived in a sports vehicle and van. By living in his vehicle, Shono is able to avoid paying rent and combat rising inflation.

Shono’s posted a YouTube video sharing his unique lifestyle of converting an SUV into an off-grid tiny and parking in the hospital that garnered millions of views. Shono says he has lived in vehicles for several years and did so while attending nursing school, working as a nurse, and traveling the world.

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His creative solution to avoiding expensive housing costs has resonated with many and highlights the financial struggles faced by people in today’s economy. By installing basic necessities like a bed, toilet and kitchen in his Suburban, Shono transformed the vehicle into a livable space. The solar panels provide enough electricity to power small devices, demonstrating an environmentally-friendly and self-sustaining way of living. 

 He says he showers at the gym and parks the vehicle in varying locations, and sometimes the hospital parking lot.

Shono’s story comes at a time when there is increasing interest in alternative living situations like tiny homes, recreational vehicles, and van life. The high cost of living and lack of affordable housing has led some to seek out more innovative shelter options. For Shono, his modified SUV allows him to live rent-free without sacrificing necessities like a place to sleep, cook and use the bathroom. While the approximately 200-square-foot space is compact, Shono has designed it to meet all his basic needs.

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Living in a vehicle does present certain challenges, like finding places to park, staying warm in winter, and maintaining a sense of community. However, for Shono the benefits of avoiding rent, saving money, and living sustainably outweigh these difficulties. Shono hopes his story will inspire others in similar financial situations to think outside the box in terms of housing solutions. By making a few modifications to turn a standard SUV into an off-grid home, Shono found an alternative that works for his needs and budget.

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