Pulse 2.0 Interview with Curtis Anderson

Nursa is making waves in the healthcare industry. As a staffing solution that facilitates continuity of care, efficiency, and affordability for healthcare facilities and hospitals while providing high-paying, flexible, independent contractor work for nurses and nursing assistants, it is gaining attention and notoriety in the tech world. 

“Today, more than 1,300 facilities and 95,000 nurses nationwide trust our platform.”

The business news media company Pulse 2.0 recently chatted with our founder and CEO, Curtis Anderson, to learn Nursa’s origin story, the obstacles that had to be overcome, how Nursa uses technology, and what Anderson’s plans are for the future of Nursa.

Anderson also had the opportunity to explain what makes Nursa stand apart from other nurse staffing agencies and staffing apps, and his answer may not surprise those of you who have been diligently picking up per diem shifts. Nursa’s platform operates in real-time, which means hospitals and healthcare facilities with urgent staffing needs can source per diem (PRN) nurses and nursing assistants on short notice. According to Anderson, “… more than half of the shifts posted to our app in the last year being filled in less than 24 hours …”

When asked about his vision for Nursa’s future, Anderson shared his desire to positively impact the number of nurses and nursing assistants leaving the industry. The autonomy, independence, flexibility, and availability—all characteristics inherent in Nursa’s structure—are making a difference not only in the lives of nursing professionals but also in the lives of their patients.

“Nursa is a nationwide platform that offers a hyper-local solution to nurse staffing challenges. All our efforts support our mission to put a nurse at the bedside of every patient in need, removing the financial strain and operational gaps of traditional staffing methods.”

Read the interview in full on Pulse 2.0.

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