Sergeant Gives Nurse Mom an Unforgettable Surprise at Work, In Time For The Holidays!

On Friday morning, Sgt. Kate Cole surprised her mother, Kris Cole, a Nurse at Bryan Health in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Sgt. Cole, a Combat Medical Specialist, had been voluntarily deployed to the Middle East for several months. To orchestrate the surprise reunion, Sgt. Cole worked with staff at Bryan Health, where her mother has dedicated over 35 years of service as a nurse.

A Joyous Reunion After Months Apart

Sgt. Cole had told her mom that her mission was extended and that she would not make it home for the holidays. So, Nurse Kris was shocked to see her walking into the unit. “What are you doing here?!” she exclaimed, rushing over to embrace her daughter. They shared an emotional reunion, overjoyed at being together again after long months apart.

For Kris, an employee at Bryan Health for over three decades, her coworkers are like a second family. But the distance from her only daughter had been difficult. Sgt. Cole’s surprise visit was a chance for them to reconnect in person and make up for lost time.

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A Coordinated Effort to Bring Loved Ones Together

To make the surprise reunion possible, Sgt. Cole worked closely with staff at Bryan Health to coordinate her mother’s schedule and ensure she would be in the right place at the right time. Bryan Health employees were thrilled to be part of such a heartwarming surprise for two of their own.

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