13 Job Perks That Make You Love To Be A Nurse

Nursing isn’t just a job; it’s a calling filled with compassion, care, and connection. Yet, amidst the hustle and bustle of healthcare, there’s a treasure trove of perks that make nursing even more rewarding. From flexible schedules to heartfelt appreciation, the job comes with perks that add an extra sparkle to the already fulfilling journey of being a nurse.

In this article, we’ll explore the heartwarming side of nursing, uncovering the little joys and big benefits that make nurses truly love what they do.

Action-Packed Moments

Depending on your Nursing specialty, boredom may now be a thing of the past.

If you love the feel of an adrenaline rush, you’ll never go wrong with all the action-packed moments that Nursing has to offer. You may not exactly experience what we see on TV but there will really come a time when your wits and expertise are challenged.

From natural disaster to all sorts of emergency crises, the Nursing profession offers plenty of scenarios to challenge you physically, emotionally, intellectually, and even spiritually. Love Nursing and you’re in for a great, thrilling ride of a lifetime.

Job Security

Nurses enjoy a variety of opportunities even during the most bleak of circumstances. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that it’s expecting the profession to grow 6 percent from 2022 to 2032. That’s faster than the average of other professions.

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As long as you keep your passion burning and don’t stay at home after getting laid off, opportunities will always come knocking at your door.

Plenty of Career Choices

You’ll never get bored as a nurse, especially if you open yourself up to all career possibilities that may come your way.

In fact, with the educational and training assistance from your employer, you can easily transition from one Nursing specialty to another without compromising your career growth.

Some nurses, for instance, have already tried to work as an inpatient nurse, law practitioner and even as a self-employed nurse during the span of their careers.

Social Impact

It’s great to work in an industry where your sacrifices are never taken for granted. Even better if you see your efforts being translated into patients getting better and their families being thankful for what you’ve done.

Nursing is an art but unlike others, it is not a thankless job.

Nurses are able to keep their motivation intact because they know that sooner or later, their caring hands will be able to touch lives and make a difference to the society as a whole. This overwhelming amount of social impact is priceless and one of the reasons why nurses are thankful they have the job.

Professional Growth is Inevitable

For nurses, learning is a never-ending journey. To keep their skills and knowledge at par, they exert all the effort to learn as much as they can even after graduation. Learning, after all, is what makes them useful and keeps their patients away from harm.

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From attending conferences to enrolling at a graduate school, there are plenty of ways to keep knowledge-loving nurses abreast with the current Nursing trends.

You’ll never go stagnant if you’re a nurse and just when you thought you know it all, there are still wonderful opportunities waiting for you to explore.

High Pay

Without a doubt, nurses are among the highest-paid professionals in the health care industry. The average salary according to BLS is $81,220 (May 2022), although it may vary depending on one’s location and Nursing specialty.

For example, certified nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) have been named as as one of the 20 highest-paid workers in the US by CNN in 2010.

You Can Be Someone Else’s Hero

Nurses get the chance to be a hero day in and day out. In fact, they call it a job to save someone in danger.

Be it a random guy in dire need of a CPR or a friend choking and badly need a Heimlich maneuver, nurses can easily switch roles to keep someone out of harm’s way.

Nurses are trained to save and the fulfillment they get from doing so will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

It’s fulfilling!

True nurses are those who entered the profession with their passion to serve others as their motivation. If you keep this mindset intact and your expectations lower, you’ll soon discover that Nursing is indeed not all about monetary compensation.

Remember, you’re not just making a living, but also making a LIFE. And that is the reason why nurses, despite all circumstances, keep their heads held high and firmly believe that at the end of the day, Nursing is still one of the best jobs in the world!

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Flexibility in Work Schedules

Registered nurses often have the opportunity to choose from a variety of work schedules. This can include traditional 9-to-5 shifts, night shifts, or even flexible scheduling. This perk is especially beneficial for those who need to balance work with family or other personal commitments.

Diverse Work Environments

Nurses are not limited to working in hospitals. They can find opportunities in clinics, schools, private practices, remote care (telehealth), and even in research and policy-making. This diversity allows nurses to find their niche or change environments if they seek a new challenge.

Continual Learning and Specialization

The field of nursing is constantly evolving, with new technologies and medical advancements. Nurses have the chance to continually learn and even specialize in areas like pediatrics, oncology, or cardiology, keeping their careers dynamic and intellectually stimulating.

Global Opportunities

A nursing qualification can open doors to international work opportunities. Nurses are in demand globally, and this can lead to opportunities to work in different countries, experience new cultures, and expand their professional and personal horizons.

Strong Professional Community

Nurses are part of a large and supportive professional community. This network offers emotional support, mentorship, and opportunities for collaboration. The sense of camaraderie and shared purpose in the nursing community is a unique and rewarding aspect of the profession.

Your Turn

What do you love about being a nurse? Feel free to share with us what job perk that keeps you sane and always motivated at work.

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