Be a More Present Parent with PRN Work

There are many advantages to PRN work, including increased salary and the ability to choose the work settings you enjoy the most, but the one that tops all the rest is flexibility – especially for parents.

New parents are often faced with the decision to choose between their careers and their children, and many wish they could stay home for a few months or a few years and be more involved with raising their kids – watching them take their first bite of solid food or their first steps – but for many, this is just a dream since taking a few months to stay home with their kids could mean losing their jobs. Another alternative is working part time, but even this type of work does not guarantee being able to stay home when the little ones get sick or to attend their ballet recitals.

However, with PRN work, nurses can stay home as much as they want and transition slowly back to work when they feel that the time is right. Eventually, as kids grow up, nurses can transition into working full time again. However, kids will always need their parents, so maintaining work flexibility is key, and PRN work is the perfect way to adapt your work schedule to your children’s needs.

Make Sure You’re There When It Counts the Most

You cannot be with your kids 24/7 – both your financial responsibilities and your mental health require you to leave home for hours at a time on a regular basis – but some days are more meaningful than others for children. Kids understand that their parents need to work and are often happy to stay at after-school activities or go to their grandmas’ houses until their parents can pick them up, but there are times when kids look out into a crowd, and it makes a world of difference to see their parents looking back at them and cheering them on.

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As a parent, you are going to want to be present for every birthday and graduation, in addition to many school plays and sports matches. Furthermore, your kids will want you with them when they get sick or are simply going through a hard time. With most jobs, you would not be able to take time off, but with PRN work, you can take off whenever you or your family need you to. 

Take Time off during School Breaks

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Aside from taking the occasional day off for a birthday or other special occasion, parents will definitely want to take their longer break when their kids are also free. Summer and winter vacations are great times to relax together, bond, and make lasting memories.

When the Weather Is Warm

  • Go camping.
  • Spend a few days at the beach.
  • Take the kids to harvest fruit.
  • Start a project at home like a vegetable garden.
  • Plan play dates for both of you – with parents you’re friends with that happen to have kids or get to know your kids’ best friends’ parents.
  • Enjoy taking the kids to the pool or the playground without a time limit – take your favorite beverage and a good audiobook or podcast to listen to while you keep an eye on them.
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During the Winter Holidays

  • Do the things you generally don’t have the time to do: make pancakes and bake cookies from scratch – with the kids’ help of course.
  • Volunteer together for a meaningful cause, such as taking care of rescued animals at a shelter.
  • Enjoy the snow! If there is snow on the ground, get out there and build a snowman, make snow angels, or find a hill to go sledding. 

Avoid Burnout

Parenting is as exhausting as it is fulfilling – just like nursing! Therefore, parents also need to take time off for themselves in order to truly be present when they are with their kids. Stay home once in a while on a day when your partner is at work, and the kids are at school, but don’t do housework! In fact, get out of the house to avoid this trap. This day is for you to unwind.

  • Meet up with a friend for brunch
  • Take a good book to a coffee shop
  • Treat yourself to something nice: a new outfit, a massage 

Don’t even cook dinner that night unless you love to cook. Order pizza for dinner and play board games or watch a movie. Your kids will love to see you relaxed and smiling.  

Quality vs Quantity 

Nothing about parenting is black and white; there is no golden rule for how much time parents should spend with their kids each week. Furthermore, what constitutes quality time varies drastically from one family to another. Nevertheless, the flexibility PRN work gives you can let you make the decisions that are best for you and your family. How does PRN work help you to be the parent you want to be?

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