Curtis Anderson Tackles the Nurse Staffing Crisis in Q&A

In a recent article, Curtis Anderson, the founder and CEO of Nursa, spoke to RamaOnHealthcare about Nursa. This nationwide app strives to revolutionize the healthcare industry by offering flexible work opportunities for nurses and connecting them to facilities needing coverage. The article “Putting a Nurse at the Bedside of Every Patient in Need” includes an in-depth Q&A with Anderson as he discusses Nursa’s mission to connect healthcare facilities with qualified nurses to address the shortage and improve patient care. 

Anderson explains how Nursa takes a novel approach to confronting nursing staffing gaps by functioning as a two-way marketplace platform. Nursa offers a localized, community-based solution and provides reliable help in the short term. It connects facilities in need of per diem clinicians with qualified healthcare professionals. Talented nurses can use Nursa to look for per diem jobs nearby by searching for available shifts by location and work when and where they want. In addition, Nursa allows facilities to fill shifts quickly without needing contracts and, in some cases, can even accept a shift with a qualified nurse in less than 24 hours.  

Nursa is now trusted by a growing community of over 1,300 facilities and 95,000 nurses nationwide. Empowering clinicians and facilities to act in real-time, Nursa offers unmatched flexibility and work-life balance for nurses while addressing the nursing crisis head-on. 

Read the full article here to learn more about how Nursa gives nurses flexibility and assists facilities with coverage.

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