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Emergency room (ER) nurses are indeed a special breed. Also know as emergency department (ED) nurses, they are resilient and work tirelessly to provide efficient, compassionate patient care, often dealing with critical, life-threatening situations. For these reasons, Emergency Nurses Week is celebrated every year, starting the second week of October. 

Beginning October 8th and concluding on the 14th, there will be worldwide events to celebrate ER Nurses Week and acknowledge ED nurses’ efforts and invaluable contributions. Keep reading to learn more about this week’s significance and how a hospital or other medical facility may express its support for emergency department nurses. 

What’s the History of ER Nurses Week? 

ER Nurses Week is an annual event that honors emergency room nurses’ hard work and devotion to patients worldwide. It lasts a week and is held annually in the second week of October. In 1989, the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) declared the second Wednesday of October Emergency Nurses Day. In 2001, the ENA expanded this celebration to a week to draw greater attention to these essential healthcare workers. 

Today, the ENA celebrates ER Nurses Week by sponsoring events like 5Ks to raise revenue for their organization, which supports scholarships and research funding in emergency nursing. Furthermore, hospitals and medical facilities across the globe may take part in this celebration by hosting a range of activities to celebrate the hard work and dedication of ER RNs.

Why Are Emergency Room Nurses Important?

ER nurses securing the IV line of a patient
ER nurses pick up shifts on Nursa to help deliver care to patients in need.

Everyone at one point in their lives has probably come into contact with an emergency nurse. These nurses are often the first point of contact for a patient with an acute sickness, injury, or trauma who needs prompt attention. Consequently, emergency nurses are like the life support system in hospitals or other medical settings. These nurses excel at making decisions in life-threatening situations swiftly and accurately.

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Additionally, ER nurses must be highly proficient in managing drugs, measuring vital signs, and working with emergency department doctors. With an emergency room nurse’s precision, commitment, and knowledge, patients can get the treatment they need to survive. Because of this, we honor emergency room nurses and recognize why they are an indispensable and critical part of a patient’s and healthcare system’s survival.

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How Can Medical Facilities Celebrate ER Nurses?

Emergency room nurses make daily sacrifices to ensure that their patients receive the highest quality of care. Therefore, medical facilities can take the opportunity to celebrate these dedicated nurses on ER Nurse Week by hosting a few events. Here are some ideas for activities to honor ER nurses and their contributions:

  1. Create a Recognition Board: Create a recognition board that includes the names and photos of emergency room nurses with a brief description of their favorite hobbies and a list of their achievements. Display the board by the nurses’ station or in a hallway to celebrate ER nurses and inspire a positive work culture. 
  2. Arrange a Luncheon: Emergency nurses could use a break. Therefore, a great way to recognize the efforts of these essential workers on ER Nurse Week is to arrange a catered luncheon in the breakroom and ensure each ER nurse has a sufficiently long break to enjoy a snack or two. 
  3. Hand Out Gift Cards: Facilities and hospitals can show appreciation for ER nurses by giving them gift cards, such as certificates for local coffee shops or Amazon coupons. 
  4. Just Say Thank You: Sometimes, the smallest gestures mean the most. Whether you are a hospital administrator or a coworker, you can take the ER nurse aside and say, “Thanks for all your hard work; I appreciate you!”
ER nurses shadows walking about an ED
ER Nurses are essential pillars of the healthcare delivery system worldwide.

Celebrate ER Nurses Week 

ER Nurses Week rolls around annually and provides an occasion to acknowledge and appreciate emergency nurses’ skills, commitment, and incredible resilience. This week also serves as a reminder of ED nurses’ selfless dedication to their patients and profession every day they show up for an ER shift. 

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So, whether you work with an ER nurse or supervise one, express your gratitude and appreciation for their work. After all, emergency nurses are everyday healthcare heroes who go above and beyond to offer patients comfort and exceptional care. 

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