Instant Pay Now Available: Try Nursa Direct

One major advantage of working per diem shifts with Nursa is the fast pay turnaround. So we’ve been hard at work to find a way to get you your hard-earned money even faster, and it’s finally here.

Available now is Nursa Direct. In the app, under Nursa Wallet, you’ll find a new payment method called Nursa Direct. Nursa teamed up with Branch and is now offering Nursa Direct, a digital bank account and business debit card*, enabling you to receive payment for qualifying shifts instantly.

How Nursa Instant Pay Works

Instant Pay is exactly what it sounds like. If you satisfy the Instant Pay rules for your shift, you’ll receive your payment right after submitting your shift report through the Nursa Direct app. Here’s how you qualify to receive payment for a shift instantly**:

  • Select the Nursa Direct payment method option in Nursa Wallet.
  • Establish a payment history of three verified shifts.
  • Check in with the “I’m Here” button in the app when you arrive at the facility for your shift.
  • Submit your shift report within seven days.

Perks of Nursa Direct 

Know what you’re signing up for. There are many benefits on top of the Instant Pay option when you open your Nursa Direct account. Here’s our list:

  • Fee-Free Account: There is no fee to open this account and no monthly or yearly fees to maintain it. 
  • No minimum balance: Experience hassle-free banking without minimum balance stress. Nursa Direct offers flexible banking tailored to your needs.
  • Inclusive: We don’t care about your credit score. There is no credit check required for a Nursa Direct account.
  • No punishments: Rest easy knowing your account won’t overdraft. Transactions nearing zero balance are simply declined, giving you control and avoiding unexpected charges.
  • Tangible: Your physical Nursa Direct debit card will arrive in seven to ten business days. 
  • Flexible: Your Nursa Direct account will have a routing and account number, which means you can use it like any other checking account.
  • Convenient: You can use Nursa Direct as your direct deposit account for any additional work and see your money arrive up to two days faster than with other bank accounts.
  • Pay online: Make purchases or pay your bills online using your Nursa Direct account.
  • Accessible: Connect this account to Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, and PayPal accounts.
  • Transfers: Make ACH transfers to your other bank accounts within three to five days for free.
  • ATM withdrawals: You can make up to eight monthly cash withdrawals from Allpoint ATMs with no fees. A $2 fee will apply per ATM transaction after 8 transactions until the next month. The app has a map showing Allpoint ATM locations near you. 
  • App account management: The Nursa Direct account has a smartphone application for easy account management.
  • Savings Goals: Create savings goals in your Nursa Direct account and move a portion of your income aside to meet those goals. When life happens, and you need to tap into the money you’ve set aside, you have the flexibility to easily transfer those funds back to your primary balance at any time.
  • Cash back rewards: Purchases made with Nursa Direct at participating retailers may be eligible to receive cash back rewards. A list of cash back offers will be available in the app and can be populated on the app’s map.
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Nursa Direct: Pick Up the Perks as You Pick Up PRN Shifts

Life happens, and unplanned expenses pop up. We know that sometimes you pick up extra shifts to take care of an unexpected expense, such as a car repair, healthcare for a loved one, or a new dishwasher. Every per diem shift you pick up makes a difference: a difference to your patients, a difference to your colleagues, and a difference for you. Pick up high-paying PRN shifts and put the money you earn where you need it most with Nursa Direct.


‍*Banking services are provided by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC. Nursa Direct is a Mastercard debit card and account powered by Branch and issued by Evolve Bank & Trust pursuant to a license from Mastercard and may be used everywhere Mastercard debit cards are accepted subject to certain restrictions, local laws, and regulations. Nursa, Inc. is not the provider of any banking service, any service outlined herein, or any service provided by Branch, Evolve Bank & Trust, or their affiliates. Nursa, Inc. is not responsible for any service outlined herein or that may be provided by Branch, Evolve Bank & Trust, or their affiliates. Your participation and use of any service or banking service provided by Branch, Evolve Bank & Trust, or their affiliates is completely voluntary, and you assume all risks associated with such use.

‍**Instant pay eligibility requirements are on a shift-by-shift basis: Each shift must be checked into using the Nursa App, and Shift Reports must be submitted within seven days of completing the shift. Nursa users must first have completed at least three shifts to be eligible for instant pay. 

‍***Nursa does not charge or assess any fees. Any fees or costs through the use of this service are assessed by Branch, Evolve Bank & Trust, or their affiliates.

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