Manifesto by Nurses: tell us your sustainability ideas

Reducing the environmental impact of healthcare as part of wider work to tackle the climate crisis needs to be a major priority for the next government.

That’s why the next chapter of our Manifesto by Nurses is focusing on the issue of sustainability in health and social care.

Our manifesto is gathering thoughts from nurses on the policies and pledges they want to see from political parties leading up to the next general election, expected to be called this year.

In 2021, the four UK country health services all committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

The English and Scottish NHS both have a net-zero target of 2040.

In Wales, the NHS is supporting a wider target of a net-zero public sector by 2030.

While in Northern Ireland, there is a country-wide ambition of net-zero by 2050.

For this latest chapter of the manifesto, we want to know your ideas for how the next government can help the health and social care sectors achieve their net-zero ambitions.

What are the national-level changes that could be rolled out to dramatically reduce the impact of healthcare on the environment?

Are there any other policies that you can think of that will make it easier for nurses to make their practice greener?

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Once complete, we plan to deliver the Manifesto by Nurses to the main parties that stand in the upcoming general election.

Other topics covered to date in the manifesto include nursing workforce shortages, the future of the NHS, nurse education and public health.

To provide your ideas for the sustainability chapter, click or tap here to take part before Monday, 25 March.

Alternatively, send your send your ideas in no more than 300 words to, along with your full name, job role, location and a high-resolution picture of yourself.

Please note that, by doing so, you are agreeing to be potentially named, quoted and pictured in Nursing Times, both online and in our print publications.

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