New Credit Card for Nurses from & Commerce Bank

We’re excited to share that and Commerce Bank have come together to create something special — a credit card designed exclusively for nurses. This collaboration recognizes your hard work, provides valuable benefits and supports you on your professional and financial journey. Let’s dive into what makes the Nurse Rewards Visa® Signature Credit Card unique and how it can benefit you.

Why did we collaborate with Commerce Bank to make a credit card specifically for nurses? To give you a way to make the most of your money. It’s designed to cater to your unique needs as a nurse, while also recognizing the important role you play in healthcare.

  1. Show Off Your Nurse Pride: One of the best things about the Nurse Rewards Visa® Signature Credit Card is that it’s not just a card; it’s a badge of pride for nurses to easily identify themselves as a nurse at stores and establishments that offer exclusive discounts for nurses. You deserve recognition for the incredible work you do, so show it off with the Nurse Rewards Visa® Signature Credit Card.

  2. Unlimited Cash Back: With this credit card, you can earn unlimited Cash Back1 on your everyday purchases. Whether it’s groceries, dining out or treating yourself to something nice, you’ll be earning as you spend. Cash Back is applied as a statement credit.

  3. Flexibility in Redemption: You earned it, so it’s up to you how you want to use it. The Cash Back1 you accumulate can be redeemed for cash or applied to gift cards, travel expenses and more.

  4. No Annual Fee: We understand that being a nurse already comes with many financial responsibilities. That’s why this credit card puts your mind at ease by saying “nope” to annual fees. You deserve to enjoy the perks without worrying about extra expenses. Learn more about Important Terms for the card.

  5. Peace of Mind: Your protection is of utmost importance. With zero liability2 coverage, you can feel confident swiping this card. You’re covered against all unauthorized transactions and fraudulent activities.

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Applying for the and Commerce Bank Credit Card

To enjoy all these fantastic benefits, all you need to do is apply here. The application process is designed to be hassle-free and straightforward. Apply online and, before you know it, you could be unlocking a world of rewards and opportunities.

Our collaboration with Commerce Bank brings you a credit card tailored to your unique needs as a nurse. It’s not just about the benefits; it’s about acknowledging your hard work and supporting you as you make a difference in healthcare. So get ready to experience the perks, security and pride that come with being part of the and Commerce Bank community. Apply today and take control of your professional and financial journey — one swipe at a time. And stay tuned for even more exclusive benefits and perks that we’ll be adding down the road. 


1. A Cash Back redemption is applied as a statement credit. The statement credit will reduce your balance, but you are still required to make at least your minimum payment. Values for non-cash back redemption items such as merchandise, gift cards and travel may vary. Visit for full rewards program details.

2. Customer must notify Commerce Bank within 60 days of receiving statement with unauthorized account activity.

3. Please note that merchants self-select the category in which transactions will be listed and some merchants may be owned by other companies, therefore transactions may not be counted in the category you might expect.

4. Purchase refers to “Net Merchandise Purchases” meaning purchases of merchandise or services on the Account, less any returned merchandise credits or service credits posted to the Account. Net Merchandise Purchases does not include Cash Advances, Balance Transfers or transactions using Convenience Checks or any associated fees. Other exclusions apply.


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