Nursa Recognizes International Women’s Day

Women hold approximately 76 percent of healthcare positions and have been responsible for 80 percent of the healthcare sector’s overall growth. Nonetheless, gender inequality continues to be evident in pay disparities between women and men in healthcare positions. It is high time to understand what must be done to guarantee equal opportunities and representation for women in healthcare. 

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated annually on March 8. The day’s theme is “Invest in women: Accelerate progress,” a reminder of the importance of advancing women’s rights.

Why Does International Women’s Day Matter?

International Women’s Day matters because it is a time to address health equity issues that disproportionately affect women. According to a World Health Organization (WHO) study, women hold only 25 percent of senior positions in the healthcare industry and earn 24 percent less than men. International Women’s Day is significant because it advocates for gender equality and honors women’s accomplishments across various industries. 

Moreover, International Women’s Day is vital in the healthcare sector for the following reasons: 

  • IWD empowers women in healthcare by honoring the contributions of female healthcare professionals, including activists, educators, and researchers.
  • IWD can encourage gender diversity in the healthcare industry by inspiring women to excel in their professional goals.
  • IWD raises awareness about women’s specific health challenges, such as the need for gender-sensitive healthcare policies and practices (e.g., access to contraception, family planning services, maternal healthcare). 
  • IWD can be a catalyst for survivors of gender-based violence to speak up and ask for intervention efforts and change. 
  • IWD is a day for nurse managers and human resources staff to say “thank you” to all the hard-working women in various dedicated nursing roles. 
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How Can Organizations Celebrate International Women’s Day? 

Organizations can celebrate women’s achievements by recognizing and highlighting women’s contributions in the workplace. When it comes to the healthcare sector, for example, hospitals or other medical centers could organize events, panels, or discussions to showcase women who are working in key healthcare positions. Healthcare companies can also offer a forum for women’s voices to be heard by encouraging staff members to post about their accomplishments on social media or community pages.

Other practical and fun activities to commemorate International Women’s Day at work could include the following: 

  • Bring in a guest speaker: Invite a guest speaker to discuss their successes, setbacks, and strategies for overcoming adversity to reach their current position in the healthcare industry.
  • Set up an exhibit at work: Showcase women who have impacted healthcare by creating a gallery at work. This gallery could be near the nurses’ stations and showcase photos and history featuring women such as Margaret Higgins Sanger, a historic feminist and sex educator, and Dr. Mandy Cohen, recognized for her work addressing the opioid epidemic. 
  • Ask for feedback: Encourage feedback from the healthcare team via anonymous surveys or focus groups. For more transparency and fun, human resources managers could host a breakroom open discussion with coffee and treats and openly ask nurses to identify where they believe there are areas for improvement. 
  • Give a gift: Giving gifts, whether in monetary incentives or gift baskets and certificates, can show female nursing staff that their organization appreciates their hard work.  
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Celebrating International Women’s Day 

One of the most impactful ways a healthcare organization can celebrate International Women’s Day is by providing a platform that gives women a voice. To do this, healthcare organizations can ask for feedback and showcase success stories of female healthcare nursing staff.

Healthcare organizations can also promote gender equality by implementing policies supporting women’s advancement and inclusion, such as fair compensation and leadership opportunities. By taking these steps and implementing a few IWD activities, organizations can make a meaningful difference on a day that gives women the recognition they deserve. 

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