Nurses Name Fabletics Scrubs Brand of The Year’s Best Nurse Brand of 2023 combines the best of activewear with the functionality of scrubs for healthcare workers. 

As part of the “Best Of” Nursing Awards, the nursing community nominated, voted, and named the coveted title of Best Nurse Brand to Fabletics’ recent launch of Fabletics Scrubs and its line of activewear scrubs. The new line of scrubs (@fableticsscrubs) is available as part of the Fabletics flexible VIP membership and represents the brand’s first foray into medical apparel.

The move into medical workwear, however, wasn’t made haphazardly. Fabletics performed extensive research, working with over 6,500 medical professionals to develop scrubs that combine the best of activewear with the needs of healthcare workers. The collection contains 12 pieces and includes full-set scrubs, underscrub pieces, and scrub jackets. is excited to honor Fabletics Scrubs as well as see more nurses have access to scrubs that will support them on the job. To learn more about how Fabletics Scrubs came to be and what this award means to the brand, we got a chance to speak with Vanessa Espinosa Sr. Director, Design Scrubs, Fabletics. You can also read our review by 4 real-life nurses who put the Fabletics Scrubs to the test on the job. 

Espinosa explains that the Fabletics scrub line first came about when the company’s co-founders— Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and Ginger Ressler—had the desire to bring Scrubs into their core product assortments. Espinosa, along with the medical professionals they collaborate with, brought the idea of “The World’s First Activewear Scrubs” to life. She explains that Fabletics advisory board, as well as their well-known medical professional Patricia Goldman, provided early feedback on proto styles of the scrubs before arriving at their final version. 

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Espinosa notes that Fabletics took some of the best-loved details of their activewear, including the performance, fabrics, and active DNA and infused them into their scrubs to create the highest quality at an affordable price. And if you’re shopping for Fabletics scrubs, the entire experience is personalized to find the best fit for you and your work as a nurse—the website will guide you through a short series of questions to help you find the type of scrubs you’re looking for, as well as different size options for both tops and bottoms because we are not all the same. 

All of the scrubs are made of performance-grade fabric that is breathable, lightweight, and antimicrobial, with tailored silhouettes and functional details. The size offerings range from XXS to 4X and come in three different inseams. The line has 8 different colorways, and Fabletics even has in-house embroidery that can customize tops and jackets.

The personal touch and attention to detail and performance is a staple of Fabletics, and Espinosa says that launching the scrub line as a veteran designer and senior expert in this industry has been a personal career highlight forever: 

“It has been incredible to weave in Fabletics’ active, high-end performance product, brand, and team to create a first-ever apparel category!”

According to Espinosa, community is at the heart of everything Fabletics has done and hopes to continue to do, from creating their apparel to serving the healthcare workers that will wear their scrubs. 

For instance, she points to the Fabletics community through the Founders Circle, which includes 6,500+ healthcare professionals who wear and test new styles and colors and provide direct feedback on what they’d like to feel and see. Fabletics also hosts “Meet the Member” events and receives feedback that influences the design and brand direction, especially with a new product line like the scrubs. 

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Fortunately, the community approach has worked. Espinosa says the scrubs have received positive feedback from the healthcare community on all aspects, from colors to styles to sizing. 

“It’s amazing at how well the brand has been received,” she notes. “We want to continue providing what this community wants and needs.”

With a background of the scrubs based on community, Espinosa notes that Fabletics only plans to continue serving healthcare workers in the future. The brand plans to introduce more products, scrubs for on-shift work, and transitional assortments that can be integrated into daily lives. 

“We want to support and champion the medical community,” says Espinosa. “By offering products they feel good in and out of their shirts, we really want to be intentional on how each piece functions and is purposefully created for the healthcare community.”

The long-term goal of Fabletics, adds Espinosa, is to be recognized as a high-quality brand that supports the daily lives of healthcare workers. 

“The passion to serve this community is held at every turn of our Fabletics brand,” she notes. “Our company supports, champions, and is connected to the medical community. We are so honored and respect the care that this community provides to our loved ones.”

In fact, Espinosa has just one message for the community, and it’s one of gratitude: “To the healthcare community, thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve YOU as you selflessly serve us!”

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