Nurses Ranked #1 In Patient Satisfaction Poll, Doctors Rank 2nd

While nurses have been ranked as the most trusted profession for 21 consecutive years, a new Gallup poll aimed to look at patient satisfaction amongst healthcare providers, and, you guessed it – nurses ranked the highest in patient satisfaction. Eight in 10 Americans rated nurses’ care as excellent or good, 14 percentage points higher than doctors, who came in second. The poll results suggest nurses have been more adept at maintaining strong patient relationships over time.

Doctors and Nurses Play Complementary Roles

While nurses and doctors serve different functions, they work together as part of an integrated healthcare team. Doctors rely on nurses to closely observe patients, report on conditions, and carry out treatment plans. Nurses depend on doctors to prescribe appropriate courses of action. The symbiotic relationship between nurses and doctors is essential for providing high quality care.

Nursing Homes Need Improvement

In contrast to nurses and doctors, nursing homes received the lowest ratings in the Gallup poll, behind pharmaceutical companies and health insurance providers. Nursing homes have struggled with staffing shortages, high turnover rates, and cases of neglect or abuse. The poor ratings suggest nursing homes need to make major improvements to reach the level of patient satisfaction and trust as nurses and doctors.

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Nurses received the highest patient satisfaction ratings in the Gallup poll thanks to the close relationships and monitoring they provide. Doctors also ranked highly, though lower than nurses. The poll suggests healthcare providers must work to strengthen connections with patients to achieve the highest levels of trust and care. Overall, nurses and doctors fulfill distinct yet complementary roles that together create an effective healthcare experience.’s Popular Articles and Resources

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