Thinking About a Career in Nursing?

Nurses play a vital role in our society, regardless of the specialization or the area in which they work, because they take care of the health of citizens with great care. Their experience and caring can motivate both patients and health personnel.

Because they are highly valued in society, nurses should also take their role very seriously and understand that there are many reasons and benefits when becoming a nurse. 

What are the Reasons to Become a Nurse? 

  1. A fixed, regular and good salary. A nurse’s salary is usually fixed, and for any person to have a monthly salary is very important to be able to plan well what they want to do money-wise. A new nurse earns less because she has less experience, but a nurse with more experience or specializations earns more. It is also possible to make the uncomfortable shifts of nursing more diverse and work per diem, that is, choosing the shifts that nurses wish to take and that the hospital institutions make available, and thus earn considerably more per hour than a nurse with regular shifts would earn.
  2. There is a great demand for nurses in the country. Nursing is one of the fastest-growing professions; thus, there is always a demand for this ancient and important profession, and there will always be a need for someone to care for patients with the nurses’ skills. For this reason, there will never be a shortage of work for nurses, and in some places, nurses may even be able to choose their job and turn it down if they feel there is a better offer.
  3. The nurses’ job is to be empathetic. Helping others is a nurse’s job description. Nurses work every day seeking their patients’ comfort, health, and well-being, and it is a job full of solidarity. Nurses have a noble job, which is a huge reason to be encouraged to become a nurse.
  4. There are many career paths to choose from in nursing. A nurse can choose different areas of work, from different ages of care such as pediatrics or geriatrics to oncology, gynecology, intensive and progressive care unit, psychiatric, ambulatory care, hospice, etc. It is a very wide range to choose from, and it is worth investigating all the areas of applied nursing.
  5. Nurses are always active, constantly moving their minds and bodies. It is a profession where there is always something to do, there is always someone to care for, and there are always tasks to do.
  6. Nurses have a well-respected job. Patients always remember dealing with their nurses, and whenever people talk about noble professions, they always talk about nursing as a beautiful profession to choose.
  7. Flexible schedules that can be adapted to the needs of each individual are available to nurses. This is especially true for nurses who work per diem, as choosing schedules is an essential part of working per diem. The beauty of a flexible schedule is that nurses can spend more time with their families or have more time for themselves. 
  8. For more information on shifts per diem, the Nursa app is available to all nurses who are looking for a different way of working and want to find shifts with ease.
  9. It is easy to study nursing anywhere in the country, and you can even study online. Even licensed practical nurses (LPNs) can bridge to registered nurses (RNs) by completing the national licensure exam or, even with LPN experience, advance to RN status with fewer steps and more ease. There are many bridge programs for LPNs who want to advance their careers and become RNs, depending on their state.
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Nursing school is also an unforgettable experience, where future nurses learn everything they need to know to provide the best care to patients. The first few days as an RN, there will surely be an orientation to learn how to be part of the new hospital staff, and through that, the new RNs will be able to acquire the necessary experience to work on their own

Nurses are part of a larger multidisciplinary team. It is well-known that they are there to care for a patient. Still, nurses are also part of an important team of consultation and comprehensive care of a patient. They, therefore, are active builders of the quality of care of service or hospital.

Sure, being a nurse for the first time is a scary experience, but by seeing all the long-term benefits, nurses can remember their important role to patients, the hospital, and society.

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