What is the Nursing Times Manifesto by Nurses?

Over the past few months, Nursing Times has been building a manifesto created by the nursing profession ready for the 2024 general election.

The Manifesto by Nurses will feature proposals by nurses on how the next government can approach some of the biggest issues in health and social care.

Topics covered include the nursing workforce crisis, the future of the NHS, the environmental impact of healthcare as well as focuses on public health, social care and mental health.

These chapters will be collated into a complete Manifesto by Nurses, which we plan to deliver to the key parties running in the general election, which is due to take place on 4 July.

On 22 May, in the rain, prime minister Rishi Sunak confirmed that he had secured permission from the King to dissolve parliament ready for the election.

He claimed that the election was a two-horse race and that, on 5 July, either he or Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer would be prime minster.

However, opinion polls at the time of Mr Sunak’s announcement suggested that Labour was the frontrunner.

Our hope is that whichever party forms the next government, it will hear the voices of nurses and take meaningful action to boost the profession and the services in which they work.

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Look out for more news on the Manifesto by Nurses in the coming weeks. In the meantime, there is still time to submit your views for the final chapter, which is focused on mental health.

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