10 New Year’s Resolutions Nurses Should Have

Coming up with New Year’s resolutions for nurses is a great way to start the year right. Having New Year’s resolutions promotes a positive outlook as you plan your career path and life goals for the year. Have you created yours?

To help you create your New Year’s resolutions for this year, take a look at the following resolution ideas for nurses:

1. Be fit

Getting fit might not be a priority of most nurses at a young age but this will change especially as you grow older. Although it’s hard to squeeze some time for exercise amidst the busy schedule of nurses, you can find time if you are really determined to get fit.

You can start by working out once or twice a week. Then, gradually increase it as your schedule permits.

There are plenty of exercise routines you can do to get fit like yoga, aerobics, jogging and many more. Start with simple and quick workouts so you can condition your body for regular exercises.

getting fit

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2. Maintain a healthy diet

Stop being content with instant and fastfood meals. You of all people know why they are bad for you.

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Choose healthy meals and as much as possible, cook your own food. Cooking and packing your own meals will let you have healthier food choices. As you get older, you will see the health benefits of maintaining a healthy diet over time.

healthy diet

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3. Work smarter

To be a competent nurse, you don’t need to work harder. You just need to work smarter. Plan your tasks well at the beginning of your shift so you can properly divide your time and attention to those who need it most.

Shortcuts to tasks are not bad as long as you do not put patients’ health and safety at risk. There are plenty of life hacks for nurses around that you can use to be more efficient at work.

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4. Make at least one sacrifice for your own long-term career success

Invest in your career development and make at least one personal sacrifice to achieve long-term career success. It can be your personal time or your hard-earned savings.

The idea of giving up something for the improvement of your career may sound hard at first but in the end, the outcome will be a sweet success.

5. Find a mentor and be a mentor to someone else

Finding a good mentor will help you open your eyes to new learning as you work on improving your career. A good mentor will provide career guidance especially in identifying your strengths and weaknesses that need improvement.

In return, you should also be a mentor to someone else. Coach a new nurse and help with the first few months.

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Newly graduate nurses often need guidance and advices from seasoned nurses. You can be a significant part of their first years in the nursing profession as you help them in establishing their professional outlook as a nurse.

6. Expand your professional network

Expanding your professional connection is one of the most advised New Year’s resolutions for nurses. Join professional nursing organizations relevant to your field.

Joining professional nursing organizations will open more learning and work opportunities for you.

7. Be a continuous learner

Nursing is a diverse career. It adapts with medical advancements and with rapidly changing healthcare environments nowadays. To keep up with the pace, it is important for nurses to be a continuous learner to prevent stagnation. In the end, being a continuous learner will be your edge over other nurses.

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To be a continuous learner, start by reading nursing journals regularly. Attend short-course seminars and professional programs whenever you are available. You can also find many learning opportunities offered by nursing and healthcare organizations.

Be a continuous learner

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8. Build a healthy work environment by starting with yourself

As Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change that you want to see in the world”. Be a good example to your colleagues and start the change with yourself. Build positive work cultures/norms in your station so that colleagues will be influenced to follow your lead.

A simple thing that helps liven things up is a smile. A simple smile can be infectious to others as you will encourage them to smile back too. Being happy and positive at work will give you more energy and confidence to face the challenges in nursing practice.

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happy nurse

9. Do at least one “impossible”

Do you have something you’ve always wanted to do but never though to do it in real life due to practical reasons? Maybe it’s a trip to an exotic location or doing something daredevilish.

Whatever it is, do that one thing you’d never thought to do. Imagine yourself doing it. Feel it, taste it, see it, and then take action!

bucket list

10. Be the kind of nurse you would want to take care of you

The golden rule “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is the best inspiration in building your character as a nurse. Strive to be the nurse you would like to have if you will be hospitalized.

With so many tasks and responsibilities at work, it’s easy to slowly lose a grip on your established values and work ethics. In the end, if you will remind yourself of how you would like to be cared as a patient, you will be guided on how to be the best nurse for your patients.

best nurse for your patients

This list of New Year’s resolutions for nurses is a great start in planning your professional goals and outlook for the new year.

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